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You Are Not Allowed To Do Anything You Saw In Project X

That is what I texted my 14 year old son when I finished watching Project X

For Your Consideration: She’s Having A Baby Soundtrack

I’m going to lay down two separate thoughts here and then bring them together to make a point and it’s going to be awesome so stick with me.

Thought #1: If you know me and my movies, you know I am an unapologetic John Hughes fan. Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, She’s Having A Baby, Planes, Trains and Automobiles are like mile markers on the twisty, turny road through my teen years.

Thought #2: I’ve managed some serious time without two things in my life. Sirius Radio and a DVR. Recently, we purchased a new car and this new car has Sirius Radio. It’s really amazing. There is a channel called Firstwatch and it’s everything awesome 80s. The Smiths, Violent Femmes, Men Without Hats, Simple Minds, Fine Young Cannibals. It’s like my brain is the DJ, only I don’t know what it’s planning but I love it all.

Awesome point: Tonight I heard Gene Loves Jezebel’s Desire. I heard it and suddenly She’s Having A Baby hits me. The scene where Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern are at a Chicago club. And then I’m running through the soundtrack in my head. Apron Strings by Everything But The Girl, Crazy Love by Bryan Ferry, Happy Families by XTC, Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love and Rockets, This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush and Morrisey’s You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby performed by Kristy MacColl. Each song unique, but strangely perfect companions. Hughes makes them all work together to move the story along. Love and Rockets for the dull-drums on the train, Kate Bush for the sappy slo-mo montage. It’s a fantastic collection of music and well worth your time and money whether you’re a fan of the movie or not.


Gorgeously bad ass illustration in today’s KC Star. (Taken with Instagram at Sullivan Higdon & Sink)


Gorgeously bad ass illustration in today’s KC Star. (Taken with Instagram at Sullivan Higdon & Sink)

Just think

If Rachel Dawes wouldn’t have been in the Narrows when the Fear Toxin was released to save this sweet little boy from going crazy or from being beaten to death by the Arkham Asylum escapees, then we wouldn’t have to endure him as a nasty teenage chickenshit fake King.

Thank God For Spiderman

Wow. How great is the new Spider-man? Seriously. Never mind that it’s pretty much a rehash of Raimi’s Spider-man I and II. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it stars C. fricken Thomas Howell, as a crane operator no less. Just when I thought the guy didn’t have another Soul Man in him, along comes The Amazing Spider-man. This is awesome. Thank you Spiderman. In lieu of a nothing new, you give us Ponyboy Curtis and I couldn’t be happier.

Welcome To My New Digs

Hey everybody, thanks for coming to my new place. It’s kind of the same, but a little different. There’s dip over there, some sweet pink alcoholic drinks over there, and crab cakes right out of the oven.

Hey Piper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, hey Tom.

How you doin??????????

Good. I’m good. Look Tom, I’m sorry about Katie.

Who? Oh yeah, that. No, I’m good. I’m good. Still in love with Scientology. Madly in love with it!!!!!

That’s great. Try the crab cakes.

I don’t see any couches around here. Where are all the couches?

No couches Tom. Go jump around outside.

Hi Piper.

Um. Hello there Emily Blunt. Here, let me show you something.


Check this out.

What’s this?

It’s my bedroom… made especially for you.

What? What did you say?

Huh? Nothing. Why don’t you make yourself at home… in my bed.


I know, it’s so loud in here with all the music blasting.



Love the place.

Thanks Man. Hey, you’re not going to light a chair on fire are you? You know, like you did that one time?

Maybe you’ve notice I’ve changed. Slimmed down a bit. No long hair. I’m not like that anymore. I’m an indie filmmaker.

Oh that’s right. You made that film about a woman that does a dog. That’s right. Real serious fare. Anyway, don’t light any shit on fire, okay?


Clooney, thank God. Finally, some real Hollywood royalty. I was beginning to think I lost it while I was away.

No, you’re good. Hey listen, stay away from the pink alcoholic drinks okay?

Why? What’s up?

Because I pissed in them.

What? Why?

Cuz I’m George effing Clooney that’s why. I can do anything.

Can’t argue with that.

this is the beginning